Fir Cone Syrup

You can get fir-scented bath salts and cough drops, but… syrup?

Yes, you read that right.

It’s an unusual and refreshing addition to sparkling water, and goes well on ice cream (especially on woodruff ice cream).

Start your supply of fir cone syrup in spring, when the cones are still firm and very green.

  • Pick about 10 very green cones. Do not wash them, it’s fine if there are a few drops of resin, it’ll just add to the flavour.
  • Put them in a large jar so they’re wedged tight.
  • Pour 500 g of sugar over them, and wriggle the jar so it’ll fill all the spaces.
  • Firmly close the lid.
  • Put the jar in a place that gets full sun, and leave it there.
  • Shake occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved completely. (This can take up to six weeks.)
  • Strain the liquid and bottle it for future use.

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